Should I set up a SMSF?

Find out if you’re ready to take control

 Australians are setting up SMSFs in record numbers to take control of their super and make the most of their money. To find out if a SMSF is right for you, ask yourself these questions.

How much money do I have to invest?

ASIC and the ATO recommends you have at least $200,000 to invest in a SMSF.

Do you understand the benefits of SMSFs?

Benefits may include:

  • control over investment choices
  • tax deductible contributions
  • protection of your assets
  • lower running costs than retail or industry funds
  • flexibility across life insurance, lump sums and pensions on retirement
  • pooling funds for large investments
  • property investment and borrow to invest

How much can you contribute to super?

It depends on your age and if you meet the tests for concessional contributions to be tax deductible.

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