SMSF fees

How much does it cost to manage your own super?

Our fixed rate annual administration packages are based on the number of investments held by your fund for the year.
All fees are shown including GST unless otherwise noted.

SMSF set up

Fund set up $550
Fund set up + corporate trustee set up $1650
All prices include GST  

Annual administration service

Number of Investments Held
as at the end of the Financial Year including bank accounts
Annual Administration Cost*
($ including GST)
1 – 5 Investments $1,320
6-10 Investments $1,510
11-20 Investments $1,780
21-30 Investments $2,250
31-40 Investments $2,670
41-50 Investments $3,300
51+ Investments $3,380


  • Transaction processing and preparation of operating statement, statement of financial position, notes to the accounts and members statements (requirements under the law)
  • Preparation and lodgement of fund income tax and regulatory return
  • Preparation of annual trustee resolution
  • Annual audit performed by independent auditor

Pension set up and lump sum documentation

Preparation of documents for Account Based Pensions $400
Preparation of Annual PAYG Payment Summary and Summary Statement for members under age 60 $120 per member
Lump sum documentation $170 for the first lump sum per member and $55 for more
Documentation of roll backs from pension to accumulation account $170 for the first roll back and $55 for more
Preparation and lodgement of TBAR report
All prices include GST  

Registered office, annual minutes and company register

Act as registered office for your fund, prepare annual minutes and maintain company register $125 annually
Prices includes GST  

Business activity statements

Preparation of Business Activity Statements for GST registered funds from $150

Borrowing structures documentation

Incorporating a custodian company $1100
Preparation of a Holding Trust for a Bank Borrowing $830
Preparation of a Holding Trust and Loan Agreements for a Related Party Borrowing $1300

The above pricing is a documentation service only and does not include advice.

Estate Planning Services

Binding death benefits nominations (per member) $330

SMSF strategy and coaching services

SMSF strategy, coaching and consulting services (including SMSF borrowing arrangements) are charged at hourly rates agreed before we get started.
* Fees may increase if there is a significant amount of investment trading during the year and little investments on hand at the end of the year or if the super fund is carrying on business activities. If in doubt please contact our office for a quote before proceeding.
* Add $220 per investment for overseas direct property and overseas unlisted shares due to the difficulty in verifying these investments for audit purposes.
* Foreign currency conversion will be processed as an additional fee of $165 per hour.
* Fees do not include actuarial certificates. If your fund requires an actuarial certificate please add $275 including GST for a tax exempt percentage report. If you require a capital adequacy report please contact our office for a quote.
* Audit fees will be increased if compliance breaches are identified and/or the audit report needs to be qualified for either financial audit matters or SIS compliance breaches.

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