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Say goodbye to super that’s not working, advisers you can’t get on the phone, and super specialists with no time to give your super the attention it deserves.

We’re the SMSF specialists who love your super. You don’t need to become a superannuation expert to keep up with your SMSF, but you do need smart people you can trust across all the paperwork and smart super strategies.

Super that works, seamless administration and specialists you can get on the phone mean super that’s well loved.

Change your life with smart super choices
What to do to get a view you love

What to do to get a view you love

What's the view you daydream of?

The ocean from your deck, the city skyline, or the view from an endless road trip. Whatever future you’re dreaming of, take control of your super and get it sooner. It’s simpler than you might think.

30-second guide to SMSFs

SMSFs are also known as DIY super funds and more Australians than ever are setting them up. There’s more choice on investments (including property), and lower fees and higher returns if managed well. SMSFs have less than 5 members and must meet a range of conditions and compliance with the ATO.

30 second guide to SMSFs
Starting out with a SMSF

Starting out with a SMSF

If you’re making the leap to self managed super, choose a set up that works now and in the future.

Wanting more from your SMSF provider

It’s not greedy to want some attention from your SMSF provider. We’re here to listen, answer your questions and make sure you understand your fund.

Getting more from your super
There is more to SMSF's

There's a lot more to love about self managed super

More to retire on

Personalised investments

Simple administration

Fixed Fees

Choice of super specialist

Change your life with smart super choices
SMSF Super Brisbane - Insight Super Hub

Discover super secrets in our SMSF Hub

Straightforward, simple information and guides to super and SMSFs. It’s your money, you deserve to know what’s going on and how super works.

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8 signs you need a SMSF refresh with a new provider

I don’t understand how my super works

I'm paying too much in fees and I don't know how to reduce them

My fund audits and reporting are out of date

My provider won’t return my calls or emails

My fund returns are down

I’m not sure where my super is or if my SMSF is worthwhile

I started setting up my own SMSF but haven’t got past the paperwork

The ATO has contacted me about my SMSF tax and audit compliance

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