What is a SMSF?

Quick guide to self managed super funds

Self managed super funds (SMSFs) are the fastest growing sector of superannuation. SMSFs can reduce super administration costs and different ways to grow your wealth and get the view you want in retirement.

What does a SMSF look like and how is it different to what I have now?

Most people have their superannuation with retail or industry funds. In big super funds, there’s generally little flexibility and the trustee of the fund making investment decisions is usually the investment manager of the fund. 

If you choose to manage your own super, you can be your own fund trustee (supported by a smart team). 


  • have less than 5 members
  • each fund member is a trustee, and each trustee is a fund member
  • no fund members are employees (unless related)
  • no fund members are paid to act as trustees
  • can have a corporate trustee if all fund members are directors, and all directors are fund members

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