How to set up a SMSF

Super set up done with love

Our SMSF set up includes

Once you decide a SMSF is the way to go, there’s a bit of paperwork to set up a fund compliant with ever changing ATO and government legislation.

1 hour consultation on your responsibilities as a trustee (and member of the super fund) with our SMSF Specialist

preparation of documentation to meet legal and ATO requirements

How much does it cost to set up and maintain a SMSF?

Fund set up $550 including GST
Fund set up + corporate trustee set up $1650 including GST
Annual administration and audit from $1320 including GST
Annual ATO SIS Levy $259

What does setup paperwork include?

Your super setup is different to everyone else’s. Setup might include sourcing and submitting paperwork like:
  • trust deeds
  • minutes and resolutions
  • member applications
  • trustee consents
  • investment strategy
  • death benefit nominations
  • business registrations (ABN, TFN, complying fund registration, GST and PAYG)
  • rollover forms to transfer existing super funds.

How much money do I need to set up my own super fund?

ASIC recommends you have at least $200,000 before a SMSF is cost effective. You can start your fund with less if you get the balance up to $200,000 in the short term.

Should I set up self managed super?

Your family and finances are different from everyone else’s – but there’s a lot of good reasons to choose DIY super. With help from the professionals on set up and ongoing paperwork, it’s likely to be worth your while. Get specialist advice before you set up.

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